After a long meeting with many questions about election procedures, the Pulaski County Election Commission finally opened one outstanding overseas ballot tonight and determined it was for Joy Springer, which gave her a one-vote victory over Ryan Davis, 373-372,  in the Democratic primary to complete the term of the late John Walker.

Springer faces an independent, Roderick Talley, March 3 in the special general election . She and Davis are also candidates March 3 for the regular primary for a new term in the seat beginning in 2021.

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The race had ended in a tie. A recount cost Davis one vote, but it was restored when a missing ballot was found. Complaints have also been made about absentee ballots disqualified because voter signatures didn’t appear to match those in registration records. There were questions again tonight about the one outstanding ballot.



Davis wrote on Facebook:

Mrs. Springer is the Democratic nominee in the special election. She will face independent candidate Roderick Talley to complete the term left in the wake of Rep. John Walker’s passing.

Ryan D. Davis IS YET AND STILL in the race! We’re on the ballot to begin a new term. We’re on the ballot March 3rd! And, we’re prepared to work for every single solitary vote. We want the people’s mandate. We deserve a candidate who is connected to the root of the issues that affect them daily.
The momentum is on our side! Our vote increased by more than 40% from Jan to Feb – in comparison to the other candidate’s 18%. Our precinct win went from 5 of 11 to 7 of 11… Heads up folks! Ryan D. Davis is PRESSING ON THE UPWARD WAY!