Might Arkansas matter a bit in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination?


Perhaps. An estimated 1,100 turned out at the Maumelle Event Center Sunday afternoon for an appearance by Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Spokesmen for Michael Bloomberg, including Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr., are assembling a press call today to say why Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennesee are vital in the round of Super Tuesday primaries next week. Bloomberg has spent a fortune in targeting such states and if his Elizabeth Warren-pummeled campaign is to have a shot, he must show results soon. Said the campaign:


While most campaigns invested time and resources in Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, Mike Bloomberg 2020 prioritized voters in Super Tuesday states including Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Since launching his campaign, Mike has made a total of 7 trips to the states — two to Arkansas, two to Oklahoma, and three to Tennessee. Moreover, Mike observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with community leaders in Little Rock, introduced his transformative Greenwood Initiative in Tulsa, and unveiled his health care plan in Memphis.

All this is against a backdrop of national media commentary increasingly predicting the race will go to Bernie Sanders. This is accompanied by a Republican social media barrage that is alternately cheering Sanders’ victories and perfecting the socialist/communist/ailing-old-man attack chorus. There’s no doubt who the GOP wants to win the nomination.

Hard to envision Bernie topping the ticket in Arkansas. But if he does, it really is over. Not that it matters much in November.


But here’s a look at a potential for a contested (“brokered”) convention.