Another legal dispute has arisen in the Hunter Biden paternity case in Independence County.

In a motion filed Tuesday afternoon, the attorney for the former vice president’s son objected to a demand by the attorney for Alexis Lunden Roberts, whose child Biden fathered, that Biden submit to questioning either March 3 or March 5.


Biden’s attorney, Brent Langdon, said Roberts’ attorneys notified him Feb. 17 that they wanted to take a deposition either of those dates and if Biden didn’t pick one, they’d set it. Feb. 24, Roberts’ attorneys, Clint and Jennifer Lancaster, sent notice of a deposition March 5.

Langdon said Biden can be available April 1, but not before. Langdon says he has a court case set in Texas on March 5.


The short notice of the deposition is unreasonable, Langdon said. He also questioned the motives of Lancaster’s filing of a notice of deposition.

It only “ignites media attention” and is meant to “annoy, embarrass or oppress” Biden, Langdon wrote in seeking to block the deposition March 5.


The Lancasters’ notice of deposition came with instructions to the circuit clerk that it need not be sealed. Langdon’s motion to quash the deposition included an e-mail from Jennifer Lancaster saying she and her husband couldn’t be available for an April 1 deposition.

Perhaps only coincidentally, the Republican-leaning New York Post has already reported this latest development. It pitches the story this way:

Hunter Biden asked a judge to postpone his child support deposition until April —after key democratic primaries for his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The motion by Langdon makes no mention of the Democratic primaries. Super Tuesday is March 3.

Biden has acknowledged fathering the child during a relationship with Roberts when she lived in Washington. He’s agreed to an undisclosed amount of temporary child support and further hearings are set in the case March 13 and May 13.


Frank Lockwood of the Democrat-Gazette reports on a telephone conference call in the case today that Judge Holly Meyer had said that “unless his hair is on fire” that Biden needs to appear for a deposition in March. She said Biden must appear to answer questions March 11 or 12, later than Lancaster had sought but before April 1.