KAIT-TV in Jonesboro has an intriguing article this morning:

A woman claims she was fired after a judge in Sharp County wanted a younger security officer who would want to perform lap dances.

Mary Wanley filed the lawsuit on Monday in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Arkansas. She is suing Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts and Mark Johnson, Sharp County District Judge.

The lawsuit claims Wanley was replaced with an individual who was “younger and prettier, at least in the eyes of the District Judge, Mark Johnson.”

There’s much more about the lawsuit filed in federal court in the KAIT coverage. Both the sheriff and the district judge strongly dispute the allegations. They see political motives because the judge has an opponent in Tuesday’s election.


The judge issued this statement through a campaign spokesman:

“Mary Wanley’s frivolous lawsuit is full of outright lies. Ms. Wanley was terminated for reasons of fraud and gross maleficence. Ms. Wanley “double-dipped” by claiming to work at different departments at the exact same time and would often show up late for work and/or leave early. For these, and other documented reasons, she was terminated. The documented facts of her poor job performance will be presented in court if this ridiculous lawsuit ever makes it to trial. These last minute veiled attempts to discredit a respected and long-serving Judge are often the tactics of desperate people.”

Here’s the lawsuit, filed for Wanley by Luther Sutter.