Quality education — for every student, in every ZIP Code — is the foundation of our democracy and our future. We succeed because our children have the space to learn, to be creative, to be inspired and to grow up to be the kind of leaders who don’t just change our nation, but the entire world. Providing that kind of world-class education is the promise we make to every family in our country, no matter where they live or what they look like.


But that promise can only be fulfilled if we give our educators the resources and support they need to thrive.

When Arkansas educators speak, they don’t just speak for themselves. They speak on behalf of the students they teach and the families they represent. Too often, however, their voices are ignored. In Little Rock, educators have let us know that they are tired of being silenced and undermined. To them and to educators across the state, we say: Joe Biden hears you loud and clear, and a vote for him is a vote to support public schools and the educators that make them great.


As a community college teacher and someone who has worked with the youth of Pulaski County for 10 years, we both work closely with students. We have seen how educators can bring out the best in students and help them find confidence. We know how hard educators work, even when there’s very little to work with, often receiving pay that’s too low or having to pay for children’s supplies themselves.

Still, teachers tell us that what keeps them up at night is not their pocketbooks — it’s that they do not always have the resources to help their students. From early intervention to counseling to health care support, they wish they could do more for the kids they teach and their families.


At the heart of the movement in Little Rock is a question: Who do we trust to lead our schools and classrooms into the future? To Joe Biden, the answer is clear: Educators. The best policies don’t come from politicians and think tanks, they come from classrooms and those on the front lines of our schools.

That’s why Joe has put together an education plan that is based on listening to and learning from educators in our public schools who work with our children every day.

His plan invests in educators — by paying them competitive salaries, increasing career opportunities and helping them pay off their student loan debt. He is also going to protect and expand their rights to organize and bargain collectively.

His plan gives educators the resources they need to support their students, especially in low-income areas, by tripling Title I funding and modernizing and improving public school buildings. He will double the number of school psychologists, nurses and other trained health professionals who help students succeed.


His plan supports students by investing in children from birth through high school graduation and beyond. He’s going to ensure that everyone can go to two years of community college or training programs without going into debt.

And as president, Joe will appoint a secretary of education who has real-life public school classroom experience.

Educators across the country are courageously taking a stand, refusing to be silent about the issues that hold their students back. They deserve a partner in the White House who will fight beside them, not shut down their voices or give in to special interests. They know Joe will stand up for the dignity of their profession and work to give all children the world-class schools they deserve, and that’s why over 8,000 teachers have donated to Biden for President.

Only one candidate in this race has stood by public school educators for years and knows how to bring people together to get things done. Only one candidate has the experience to protect collective bargaining and deliver on the education investments he promises. And only one candidate comes with a First Lady who will be a colleague, advocate, and fierce defender of educators across this country.

That’s Joe Biden.

He stands with the educators of Little Rock and public schools everywhere — and we’re asking you to stand with him on March 3.

Jill Biden is a professor at Northern Virginia Community College. She is the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, serving as Second Lady of the United States from 2009 – 2017.

Rep. Scott is serving her first term in the Arkansas House. She represents District 37 which includes portions of Pulaski County.