Marijuana Moment, an online publication, reports that Stephen LaFrance, owner of Natural State Medicinals in Jefferson County, is lobbying against a medical marijuana ballot initiative in Mississippi. According to the report, supporters of Initiative 65, which would allow patients suffering from any one of 22 qualifying ailments to acquire medical marijuana. 

LaFrance attorney Alex Gray has confirmed the cultivator’s opposition to Initiative 65, telling Marijuana Moment that the initiative ” ‘appears to be irresponsible’ and ‘does not appear to be a true medical’ ” program because it does not have licensing caps or “merit-based” licensing:

“We are absolutely advocating for a true medical marijuana program that has pharmaceutical-grade medicine,” he said. “That’s why we’re involved in Mississippi, and we’re hopeful that that can be a reality because, at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to be best for both the patients in Mississippi and the state because with what is currently proposed, there’s no way you can regulate it.”

Gray said LaFrance intends to enter the Mississippi market when medical marijuana is made legal there.


The Mississippi State Board of Health has also opposed the measure, and the state legislature has proposed four alternate resolutions. One would limit medical marijuana to terminal patients only; the remaining three would put off legislative action on medical marijuana until the 2021 session.