The state Board of Education again yesterday demonstrated its bias in favor of charter schools.

The Democrat-Gazette reports that the Southeast Arkansas Preparatory High School in Pine Bluff will be allowed to stay in business, though it has been a failure both academically and financially and was recommended for closure by staff. A new private operator is seen as a savior.


The failure was no surprise. The school kept operating amid problems well known to the state. Nor was a reprieve for a failing charter school new for this board.

But consider:


About 45 miles up the road, the state Board won’t grant autonomy to the higher achieving and financially sound Little Rock School District. Board chair Diane Zook has even asserted control of principal hiring and school naming in Little Rock.

Little Rock will get a state-packed school board in November — six years after state takeover and with little to show for state management. The board will be chosen in elections certain to feel the influence from the Billionaire Boys Club’s money,. The board won’t have full personnel authority or full legal authority and it will be under a state board that can continue to insert itself on a whim on any matter, however trivial.


If they’d just charterize the Little Rock School District like the Walton Family Foundation wanted several years ago, crappy test scores and financial irregularities would not be a concern.