I’m not sure of the legalities here, but:

Today Arkansas Renters United sent a letter to Governor Asa Hutchinson urging him to order a moratorium on all evictions and foreclosures during the Covid 19 crisis.

In the letter the group urges the governor to take immediate action:

“We urge you to order an immediate moratorium on all eviction orders to be executed by law enforcement and a halt to all eviction and foreclosure proceedings in the courts while Arkansas battles the spread of the corona virus.  Without your immediate action to protect our residents facing eviction, we risk an avoidable increase in homelessness and housing insecurity at a time when it will have the most catastrophic damage, putting these members of our communities and all Arkansans at risk of contracting COVID19.”

In the state with the worst landlord-tenant law in the country, expecting the milk of human kindness from the landlord lobby and politicians it supports is a reach.