A CANDIDATE’S MESSAGE: Dan Whitfield posted this image on his Facebook page.

Dan Whitfield, who hopes to mount an independent candidacy for U.S. Senate against Sen. Tom Cotton says he’s suspending regular campaign activity and seeking help from the secretary of state to meet the signature requirement to qualify for a spot on the November ballot.


Whitfield needs 10,000 signatures. I’d guess his odds of getting a waiver from statutory requirements from the secretary of state are not good. Cotton, whose clandestine oppo tactics drove Democratic candidate Josh Mahony out of the race at the very last minute, too late for a substitute candidate, at least has one opponent, Libertarian Ricky Harrington Jr. Mahony has not been heard from since his abrupt disappearance. Cotton’s rat-f***ing of Mahony remains the great untold story of this election cycle.

Whitfield sounds like a candidate, whom — even if doomed — you might be able to feel good about supporting. From his press secretary:


Dan Whitfield is 33 year old Independent candidate running against Tom Cotton for the US Senate in Arkansas.

He lives in Bella Vista with his wife and daughter. He currently works at JB Hunt as an Information Systems Intern.

Dan believes in Medicare for All, Lowering Taxes for Low Income Families, Ending For Profit Wars, Decriminalizing Cannabis/Expunging Cannabis Charges, and Campaign Finance Reform.

Dan will be a representative that will answer to the people, not a political party. He resolves to always fight for his constituency. Not just for those who have voted for him, but all Arkansans in total.

Dan Whitfield understands Arkansas wants a congressman who is a TRUE representative for their constituents because Arkansans are sicker than they should be, poorer than they ought to be, less safe than they deserve to be, and more disenfranchised than they used to be. It is time to rid the Senate of their status quo and ego!!!

Semi-related note: I met — and broadly side-stepped — a petition canvasser on a sidewalk during a neighborhood walk yesterday. It will not be a good year to meet July petition deadlines for such issues as a new slot machine amendment, non-partisan redistricting commission, legalized marijuana, Sunday alcohol sales and perhaps others.