Folks coming to Rocktown for its craft hand sanitizer

Artisanal hand-sanitizer: Rocktown Distillery, 1201 Main St., is giving away the 70 percent alcohol concoction it’s crafted at its distillery to help folks arm themselves against COVID-19. Folks need to bring in their own container for the sanitizer, which is 70 percent alcohol, and are being limited to 6 ounces per person per day.

Supplies are going quickly; Rocktown started giving its product away yesterday and there have been lots of people taking it up on the offer. Times photographer Brian Chilson said there was a steady stream of people, carrying all manner of containers, when he visited today.


Rocktown’s giveaway is part of a national movement by distillers, USA Today reports. Cheers to them.

Mayor Frank Scott has ordered bars and restaurants closed starting at 8 a.m. Friday.  Unlike restaurants, bars will not be able serve takeout cocktails, since state law prohibits that. Rocktown’s retail store, where it sells its brands of vodka, bourbon and rye whiskey, will remain open.