ORDER ALLOWS DELIVERY: No word yet which ones will, but Colonial already allows web orders for pickup.

A closer reading of the emergency order on alcohol sales (thanks, B.) appears to show that the governor has allowed liquor stores to deliver.



Read it yourself.

Retail liquor stores with drive thru windows are encouraged to use those exclusively.  Retail liquor stores may offer curbside services and delivery to their patrons.



This is one of many, many things forced by the emergency that might be worth considering in post-crisis times. Telecommuting for starters.

UPDATE: Because I couldn’t believe my eye, I asked for confirmation from Scott Hardin at Finance and Administration:


That is correct. Liquor stores may now make deliveries and may also walk product to customers in vehicles on-site.

Additionally, restaurants with a beer and wine permit may include (sealed) beer and wine in deliveries but the beer or wine must accompany a food order.

All of this applies only to wet counties. A restaurant operating under a private club permit may not deliver in a dry county