A question for the Times: What happened to Lime scooters?

Answer: They’ve gone into hibernation worldwide on account of coronavirus, with perhaps one exception.


The company posted this notice 10 days ago:

The COVID-19 virus is an unprecedented challenge facing cities and communities around the world.  Like you, we are worried about the cities we love and call home, the people we serve, and our colleagues on the ground.  Loving cities means protecting them too. For now, we’re pausing Lime service to help people stay put and stay safe.


In all of our markets, except for South Korea, we will begin winding down and pausing our service to reflect public health guidance. Lime continues to closely monitor developments around the world and remains in coordination with health and regulatory authorities in more than 25 countries.

The website thinknum reported a few days ago that Lime and Bird, another electric scooter company, were cutting jobs and that Lime was trying to preserve dwindling capital.


Lots of hands are put on these scooters in normal times. These are not normal times.