Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has prepared an analysis of new federal coronavirus aid in Arkansas.

It includes $1.25 billion for state and local governments; $2.7 billion in rebate checks that will reach 96 percent of Arkansas taxpayers, and $437 million in unemployment benefits.


But AACF notes this is only a beginning.

The package includes a token amount of funding to help address housing and homelessness, but much more will be needed. The provisions bolstering unemployment benefits are generous, but only last for four months without any chance of extension, unless additional legislation is passed.


The relief package for states and localities is a good start, but as the depths of the economic recession become more clear, so too will the need for additional funds to help state governments continue to provide valuable public services. Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families will be releasing a series of blogs highlighting the policies the state should put in place immediately to ensure Arkansas is in the best position possible to deal with the pandemic.