Mike Huckabee, who’s been known to complain about federal judicial tyranny, is hoping for help from a federal judge to get on the beach in front of his $3 million house in Santa Rosa, Fla. (The Huckabode has long been of interest to journalists, such as Michael Tracey above, for political angles galore.)

Huckabee has joined a group of residents saying a county order closing beaches as a coronavirus response is keeping them off beaches in front of their homes. These are the beaches, you may remember, that Huckabee worked to have closed to the public against long Florida tradition of public access. Now that access has been denied him, he’s in court, as the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The lawsuit cites an executive order that [Gov. Ron] DeSantis issued last week directing Floridians to stay at home. The executive order includes a series of exceptions, including for recreational activities such as walking, biking, fishing, running and swimming.

The lawsuit alleges that the Walton County ordinance violates the executive order because it prevents the oceanfront homeowners from fishing and swimming from their properties.

The Walton County order is an unconstitutional “taking,” the suit says.

“The county’s ordinance forces family members into a confined space within their house rather than allow them to social distance and recreate in their sandy backyard,” a memorandum filed with the lawsuit said. “Or it forces them to public locations to recreate potentially closer to many other persons increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Either way, it is counterproductive. And it is beyond reasonable dispute that any hypothetical, negligible benefit conjured by those who passed the Walton County ordinance cannot possibly outweigh the profound trammeling of the present plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.”

An old familiar story. Right-winger hates courts until he needs one.


A hearing is set in the case Monday.

PS: The strip of beach closest to the water is still considered “public” beach, though closed to all by the Walton measure.