State Sen. Joyce Elliott, the Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill, reports a good first-quarter of fund-raising.

She reported raising $356,842 in the first quarter of the year and finished with $341,528 cash on hand.


Campaign Manager Rhonna-Rose Akama-Makia said, “today’s filing serves as tangible proof of what we have seen for the past months on the ground. Through really hard work and very difficult circumstances, the Joyce Elliott campaign continues to build momentum towards November. The pandemic has been economically devastating for so many communities and changed the landscape for campaigns across this country.

“We are humbled by the opportunity to elect Joyce Elliott to Congress, proud of what we have accomplished, and recognize we have much work ahead,” Akama-Makia concluded.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently recognized the campaign by advancing it to “Offensive Battlefield” status. Races with this designation are among the most competitive in the country.

Unlike many other states, Arkansas had a filing deadline on February 12th in addition to the March 31st deadline. The new information filed today more wholly reflects the campaign’s activity during the COVID-19 outbreak than Q1 filings from campaigns in other states.

The rest of the story: At the Feb. 12 deadline, French Hill had $1 million on hand and the number has likely swollen since. But this was always going to be an uphill fight.

There’ll be ample free media on French HIll’s obedience to Donald Trump. Hill will lose again, as Republicans before him did, in his home county of Pulaski, where voters know him best. The question is whether the ring of suburban counties will lose any of their ardor for the Trumpican Party, once known as Republican. A vigorous well-funded campaign by Clarke Tucker failed two years ago on account of a suburban landslide for the Republican. Trump wasn’t a central part of Tucker’s campaign. That won’t be the case this year. And maybe Wall Street and other banking fatcats like Hill will be an issue, too.  See summary from Open Secrets: