State Police provide notice of the investigation of a police shooting in Cabot Friday night:

Cabot Police Department authorities have asked the Arkansas State Police to investigate an officer-involved shooting that occurred Friday night (April 17th) after local officers were reportedly attacked by a man who had barricaded himself inside his former girlfriend’s apartment.


Caleb Morrison, 31, was transported to a Little Rock hospital where he is being treated for what has been reported to be non-life threatening gunshot wounds.


Morrison had allegedly barricaded himself inside the bathroom of an apartment located at 300 Chapel Ridge Road.  Police were dispatched to the apartment about 9:50 PM and negotiated with Morrison for almost an hour before he exited the bathroom brandishing a knife.  Officers initially used an electronic control device (ECD) in an attempt to subdue Morrison.  The ECD failed to stop Morrison who had begun to stab himself with the knife.  Officers then used a less than lethal shotgun round to stop Morrison who subsequently, still holding the knife, lunged at the officers leading one officer to fire his pistol in a final effort to stop the attack.

Morrison then fled the apartment through a window and was later apprehended by Cabot police officers