Here’s the daily news roundup and open line, with news led by 230 confirmed coronavirus cases, so far, at Cummins prison.

But I also want to repeat something I included in the afternoon briefing report from the governor.


Here’s his executive order on the creation of an Economic Recovery Task Force with the membership.

It’s led by Steuart Walton, who dabbles in the hospitality business up in Northwest Arkansas. His family has some experience in retail, too, the governor mentioned.


Well, sure. Fine. A billionaire shall lead us. But here are the 27:


Could the governor have found room for ONE representative of labor, organized or otherwise? One grassroots organizer? An advocate for Latino Americans? One lawyer or similar who’s represented the interests of rank-and-file working people and know that business isn’t always looking out for what’s best for working men and women.? Maybe a few more people of color (I count two African-Americans, an anti-union Republican small business lobbyist and a preacher) given their disproportionate suffering in the pandemic? And here’s an idea, an open Democrat. (I suspect a handful of those named might harbor Democratic sympathies, but you’d be hard-pressed to get them to shout about it, I’d guess.)

A few tokens likely would have little influence with a Republican governor up against Randy Zook and them, but at least they’d have a place at the table. Maybe one of the preachers can quote the Beatitudes when they meet. I’d recommend Luke’s version.