Kat Stromquist reports for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that workers at state long-term care facilities have been told they won’t qualify for coronavirus-crisis linked bonus pay for a pay period if they call in sick.

Some people think — unsurprisingly — that this will encourage people to go to work sick rather than forfeit a bonus.  The state says not, but it offers as much evidence in support of that position as it offered for the pretext that abortions had to be stopped because of a drain on medical protective gear and hospital beds (neither in short supply according to the governor of Arkansas and neither of much relevance to abortion services.)

The bonus policy covers some 1,400 workers at six state centers, five for the developmentally disabled, such as the Conway Human Development Center, and one psychiatric unit.

It wasn’t entirely clear, but the story seemed to say that bonus pay of as much as $500 week for a full-time worker would be lost from calling in one day sick during a pay period. Couldn’t it be pro-rated, lost only for days not worked?