The Little Rock City Board’s list of topics for Tuesday’smeeting includes some sidewalk construction in MacArthur Park and land purchases to expand Little Rock Port property. Also soft drink pouring rights.

The Board will consider a $213,000 contract for 1,000 feet of new sidewalk along Commerce Street adjacent to the Arkansas Art Center, currently undergoing reconstruction, and rebuilding an existing sidewalk on the circular park drive to match the new 10-foot-wide sidewalk. New lights are included.

The Board will consider three land purchases for expansion of Port property — $50,000 for .04-acre from Barbara Pearson; $365,000 for about 24 acres from a group of owners, and $35,000 for .04-acre from Rachel and Cory Clay. The two small parcels are on Zeuber Road and all the property is described as useful to lure development prospects. It’s in the vicinity of the Amazon sales center under construction at the port.

There’s also coronavirus news, naturally, including a scheduled city financial report,, sure to be feeling the pinch.


Another item alters the terms of a contract entered with Pepsi in January for pouring rights of soft drinks at city parks and recreation facilities. Under the change, Pepsi will pay $80,800 and additional amounts based on sales and the contract won’t end Dec. 31. The item came with this explanation:

Approval of an amendment to Resolution No. 15,147 (January 21, 2020) to eliminate the requirement that the first term of the contract end on December 31, 2020, and to include the correct amounts of monies PepsiCo, Inc., will give the City. This contract is for (1)-year, with an option to renew each year up to five (5) additional years.


…. A Request for Proposal was issued requesting bidders provide submissions to service beverage needs at all Parks & Recreation Facilities. The resolution does not accurately reflect the bid PepsiCo, Inc., submitted, the resolution is unclear, and contract negotiations resulted in altered amounts of funding PepsiCo, Inc., will give the City. In addition, due to delays as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and for other reasons it is untenable to have a contract term for one (1)-year to end on December 31, 2020.