More disturbing news from the AP of who’s in charge of public health issues in the United States:

A how-to guide prepared by the Centers for Disease Control to help businesses resume operations safely has been shelved by the Trump administration.


This follows news of demotion of a top official who cautioned against flooding coronavirus hotspots with an unproven anti-malarial drug Donald Trump has touted.

This follows Trump calling down a New Orleans nurse at the White House for noting, in a very polite way, that supplies of protective gear had been sporadic and she was re-using her face mask. Not what “I’ve heard,” Trump said.


This follows the abject failure of getting comprehensive national testing off the ground.

This follows reports of Trump’s desire to disband his task force of experts on the virus.


This follows dumping on the states responsibility for crisis response, which has, in turn, encouraged a vast black market, price gouging and scam artists.

In Trump world, all will return to work, a mutating and malicious virus will disappear and all will be well. Scientists think otherwise. Dr. Trump, who had an uncle who taught at MIT, is sure he’s right if that makes you feel any better.

This is another good topic to put to Gov. Asa Hutchinson at his daily briefing.