UA Little Rock has responded to my Freedom of Information request for notices sent to faculty this week that their jobs will be eliminated as part of Chancellor Christina Drale’s retrenchment plan to balance a budget hit by declining enrollment.

(CORRECTION: The image I reproduced above misspelled the name of education professor T. Greg Barrett.)

It reflects the previously announced end of the dance program (not the theater program as I originally wrote), a cut in instruction in multiple foreign languages (the university disputes that terminating a language instructor is a cut in foreign languages because all existing languages will be taught) and reductions in education and systems engineering.

Tenured faculty members are given one-year notice of the end of the jobs, effective in May 2021.


I have additionally asked for a full list of the other positions that are slated for elimination. A faculty member tells me that junior faculty members, in their first or second year of teaching, don’t need to receive advance notice and so further reductions could be possible this year. A university spokesman said, however, that all faculty members to lose jobs will get a year’s notice. First- and second-year faculty will not get shorter notice.

The UA Board of Trustees approved the UA Little Rock plan to pare down programs and reduce the number of its colleges last week. In this article on the action, we included links to the chancellor’s detailed plans. It includes plans for reductions other than those listed above as well as saying other departments will receive further review because of currently low student-to-faculty ratios. Some of the targeted positions may have already been vacant or soon to be by retirement or resignation.