The wire fraud charge filed against University of Arkansas electrical engineering professor Simon Ang is drawing national attention — red meat for Sen.Tom Cotton and his hot pursuit of China.


The Washington Post’s account of the charge, revealed Monday, said:

The case marks the latest strike by the Justice Department against what national security officials say is a problem at some American universities: professors and researchers hiding their financial and professional arrangements with Chinese entities, in violation of ethics rules for federal grant money.

In January, the FBI arrested the chair of Harvard University’s chemistry department on charges that he lied about his work for a Chinese university. At the time, John Demers, the head of the Justice Department’s national security division, said American universities “should take this threat seriously and continue to take actions to confront it.”

Ang, a 32-year member of the UA faculty and a holder of a UA undergraduate degree, came to the university after seven years at Texas Instruments. He’s accused of violating the law by failing to disclose to UA and government sources of research grants that he had relationships with Chinese entities. He’s been suspended from his UA job.


This couldn’t have made Chinaphobe Cotton happier. He immediately put Ang’s arrest to use as a fund-raising tool. An e-mail solicitation included a news headline on Ang’s arrest.

Said the solicitation:


For years, the Chinese Communist Party has been bribing top university researchers to steal our intellectual property.

China provides money through its Thousand Talents Recruitment plan and gets access to critical technology to advance the malicious aims of the Chinese Communist Party.

Let’s call it what it is: espionage. It is happening all across the country and it needs to stop.

Your tax dollars fund university research that is being transferred to our adversary to use against us. 


That’s why I am introducing legislation to ban federally funded researchers from taking money from China.

Sign my petition if you agree we must STOP allowing the Chinese Communist Party to steal intellectual property.

Max, I know the mainstream media will attack me and try to distort the record. The facts are clear, the Chinese Communist Party is expanding its espionage efforts in our top research facilities.

We must confront this ongoing challenge head on and protect our national security from dishonest spies looking to get rich with no concerns for the future of our country.