Nice feature in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today on Room Rater, a Twitter hit of the coronavirus era that has drawn almost 200,000 followers for the inside look and reviews it gives of the homes of media people and others appearing on TV and the web remotely rather than in studios. Room Rater has made at least one Little Rock stop — at my place.

I was surprised to be told last month that a shot of one of my daily Facebook Live news roundups had turned up on the Room Rater Twitter page. The Razorback reference was a tipoff.


One of the creators of the Twitter page, Claude Taylor, once worked in the Clinton White House. It turned out that a Facebook follower of mine in Little Rock had been following Room Rater and sent Taylor a link to my page.

Nice comments followed his mention for my wife’s decorating and Hot Springs artist Carole Katchen’s painting over the fireplace. If Taylor spent any time listening to my video, he perhaps also found a kindred spirit that might have encouraged his kind review. His Mad Dog PAC comes from my end of the political spectrum. Its mission statement:


Mad Dog PAC engages in high-impact, high-visibility, non-violent activities to fight fascism and defeat Donald Trump and his merry band of GOP Traitors.

Unlike PAC’s funded by wealthy individuals and special interest groups, Mad Dog PAC is fueled by citizens just like you. Our dedicated team of volunteers are motivated by a desire to make a difference. We are: PEOPLE. ACTIVISTS. CITIZENS.

The work goes on, the dream endures. Mad Dog is doubling down on our efforts – we are determined to restore sane and ethical government.

Please support Mad Dog PAC. We get stuff done. Our tactics are powerful, effective, and fun. There is a path. And it is forward.


I thought the Arkansas Times should do a feature along Room Rater’s lines on the Arkansas TV people and others who are doing remote videos from home. Maybe someday. Our small crew has had its hands full with more pressing issues. Computer problems and such.