Arkansas completes the reopening lineup Tuesday with permission for bars to reopen. Restaurants with bars already have been cleared.

As with every other aspect of commerce in the virus era, there are rules.


Here’s the Health Department directive for bars. It includes a limit of customers to a third of capacity and distancing between tables and bar stools (six feet). Employees must be screened for illness symptoms daily and must wear masks.

A few requirements special to bars that seem to make the hours there less happy:


No pitchers of beer or other drinks. Beverages must be served in individual containers.

No self-service bar snacks, such as dishes of pretzels.


Live music will be allowed, but performers must be 12 feet from customers.

And, finally, here’s one the Lassis Inn will appreciate:

Dancing by patrons is prohibited at this time

Other directives now worth noting:

Recreational pools (in effect).


Overnight camps (in effect but campers may not arrive until May 31).

Community and school sports (this takes effect June 1, but already seems to be ignored in some places.)