Of course Tom Cotton won’t consider for a second that it was the police who turned violent, not the hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators.

Of course, he might not consider a rational, intelligent approach to examining the sources of violent acts. Might there even be some neo-Nazis in the mix?


And how will you separate the bad actors from the good?

Tom Cotton doesn’t care.


And then he got even worse.


He’s getting some blowback. For example:

And even here at home.


But wait. A reader is old enough to remember when Tom Cotton CHEERED police violence. See, some people have freedom and some don’t in Cotton World.

But then there’s this, to show you where Tom Cotton is coming from. Or vice versa, perhaps.

And was Gov. Asa Hutchinson on this call? Even if not, he can be asked in Rogers today what he makes of this.

And more.

UPDATE: Hutchinson will fly back to Little Rock after his 1 p.m. coronavirus updated in Rogers to hold a 4 p.m. news conference at his office on the demonstrations.

A flag-burning law will fix this, Trump reportedly told governors. Really. How about some meaningful anti-brutality legislation, including the end for near blanket immunity for police use of force.

Also, a reminder of when we had a real president.