CRIME SCENE: At 2nd and Cross. (KARK photo)

A man was killed Friday evening in a shooting outside a funeral home at 2nd and Cross during a wake service.


Police heard gunshots about 6:15 p.m. and found Aaren Daniels, 22, of Little Rock, in the roadway with multiple gunshot wounds. He was treated by National Guard medics on duty in the area for the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. He died later at a hospital.



State Police also in the area for demonstration peacekeeping stopped a car reported fleeing the scene and arrested the driver, Kameron Carpenter, 21, after a short chase. It ended at 4th and Chester after the Impala struck a Little Rock police cruiser.

Witnesses told police Carpenter took the Chevy Impala from its owner and fled. Another car parked on Cross Street with two people inside was hit by bullets, but they weren’t hurt.


Carpenter was charged with capital murder, two counts of a terroristic act and fleeing.

Police offered few details. KARK reported last night that the shooting happened outside a funeral home. Paradise Funeral Home at 2nd and Cross had a service scheduled from 5 to 7 p.m. for Keshun Clemmons, 22.

KARK reported:

“Heard like 15 gun shots, somebody just came up and start shooting,” said Kimberly Mason.


“The person who got shot is my nephew’s best friend,” said Kimberly Mason.

Mason says she can’t believe this all happened while they are mourning.


“We were trying to put my nephew away today and this happened,” said Kimberly Mason.