The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police issued its response this afternoon to Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s announcement of a committee to review the department from top to bottom.

Call it “OK, but about the chief ….”


Ronnie Morgan, the president of the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police, has released the following statement regarding Mayor Scott’s appointment of members to
an Independent Review Committee:

“As one of only 700 departments worldwide to meet the high standards required to earn a CALEA (The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) accreditation by providing best practices related to life, health, and safety procedures for the police department, we are always looking for ways to grow and improve our service to the community. Additionally, the Little Rock Police Department has gone above and beyond by attaining CALEA’s Accredited with Excellence seal, which only a small number of departments, worldwide, have been able to earn.

We look forward to working directly with Mayor Scott and the Independent Review Committee to continue to grow and improve our department. Events in Minnesota have reminded the country how crucial it is to have ethical leadership at the helm of our nation’s police departments. So, we also look forward to the Committee examining the crisis of leadership in the Little Rock Police Department that has led almost 84% of our members to have no confidence in Chief Humphrey’s leadership, based on his unethical and potentially illegal behavior. “