And Joyce Elliott, the Democrat opposing Republican Hill for Congress, calls him out on it.

Today, State Senator and Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional district Joyce Elliott condemned the president’s conspiratorial slander against police brutality victim Martin Gugino.


Her opponent, Congressman French Hill, refused to correct the president’s conspiracies. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette stated, “U.S. Rep. French Hill of Little Rock expressed concern about the incident and suggested it’s premature to draw conclusions about Gugino’s Antifa ties.”


Senator Elliott responded, “This is a clear-as-day conspiracy theory. In Arkansas, we know right from wrong. French Hill must have forgotten that since he’s refused to take a stand.


“We need leaders who seek to unite the country by listening to those calling for change. The president is letting us down, and French Hill is letting him get away with it.”


French Hill has been notably absent from demonstrations for justice, contrasting with other Republicans such as Governor Asa Hutchinson and Senator Mitt Romney.

The rest of the story is that the Trump nonsense about the battered elderly protester was ginned up by a writer for a Russian propaganda site and repeated by the Russian’s pal in the White House. Hill himself has been done the Russian trail, too, so it’s asking a lot for him to say something is wrong just because it IS wrong and there’s video evidence.


And let’s presume for just a minute that this well-known Catholic (like Hill) activist IS part of the anti-fascist movement. 1) Does that mean Hill supports fascism? 2) Is it ok for police to knock the crap out of people for ideas they’ve expressed? 3) Has  French Hill read the 1st Amendment?

The rest of the Arkansas delegation gave similarly poor answers to queries from the Democrat-Gazette.