The Republican Party of Arkansas has invited one and all to a “family-friendly” celebration of Donald Trump’s birthday at 2 p.m. Sunday at the state Capitol.

I think I’ll be otherwise engaged, but I couldn’t help but notice that Gov. Asa Hutchinson is not listed among the featured speakers.

There’s Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin, already running for governor in 2022. There’s Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, busy spending $1.7 million in taxpayer money for self-serving advertising to boost her potential candidacy in 2022. There’s Jan Morgan, the wacky gun fetishist who found Asa Hutchinson too liberal for her taste and opposed him in the Republican primary in 2018. He thrashed her.

I won’t bother to look up the nasty things Griffin said about Trump in 2016. Griffin was a Bushie then, a political hatchet man who had caged Florida voters to disqualify minority service members from voting, a critical help to W. He’s a Trumper now.


They ought to rename it the Trump Party of Arkansas. Asa has done his part, but at least he’s not on the invite for this, an event one Republican described to me as an appeal to the fringe right through the likes of Jan Morgan

Remember: Family-friendly.


No pussy-grabbing.

But if you see a 75-year-old with a cellphone, you can’t be too careful. He or she might be Antifa. Knock that codger down.

The full invite, FYI