Perfect photo of a smirking Tom Cotton atop a right-wing Washington Examiner story yukking about the senator buying an anti-Joe Biden ad in the New York Times, recently humiliated for running a factually and intellectually deficient op-ed by Cotton in support of using military boots to stomp demonstrators for racial justice.

It was perfect because Cotton smiles primarily at another’s pain or discomfort. He’s having a high time gigging the New York Times, which he hates, for giving him multiple platforms for Trumpism.


Cotton’s standards are also reflected by a recent tweet from his former aide, David Ray, a right-wing state legislative candidate now toiling for Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin. (There’s a chameleon. He is a full Trumper now despite having opposed him in 2016. Griffin once was a political hit man for the Trump-despised George W. Bush and supported Marco Rubio before going all-Trump.)

Ray proclaims Cotton is living “rent-free” in the head of the Times.


Buying an ad is rent-free?

Come live in the head of the Arkansas Times, senator. We could use some of the loot you’re spending from the Kochs and similar on newspaper advertising.


Not likely. Cotton doesn’t give the Arkansas Times the routine press services of his publicly financed staff so I doubt he’d push any special-interest cash our way. He talks primarily to reporters who give him proper deference.

That’s fine. But picking and choosing who may speak is somewhat hypocritical given sanctimony like this that issued from Cotton last week.

He also snarked (or who knows, maybe he was serious) that the New York Times should have squelched an op-ed HE didn’t like.


Speaking of free inquiry: I’d still like to know details of the rat-fucking Cotton gave potential Democratic opponent Josh Mahony. It forced him out of a Cotton challenge in the last hours of filing, with no chance for the Democratic Party to find a substitute. Cotton won’t talk to me. Neither will Mahony. Perhaps it will be revealed when someone writes a Caro-like biography of the wannabe future president.