LRSD SUPT. POORE (file photo) Brian Chilson

I only caught snippets of the Little Rock School District Community Advisory Board meeting tonight, but I think I caught the headlines:

The LRSD will unveil its plan for what school will look like amid a pandemic in the first week of July.


Hall High School won’t offer 9th grade next year because too few students enrolled. Next school year, Hall is being converted into a STEAM magnet school without an enrollment zone with many new staffers. The State Board of Education voted to reconstitute the school in December. LRSD Superintendent Mike Poore blamed the coronavirus pandemic and the timing of the decision to change Hall into a magnet for the delay in offering 9th grade.

The LRSD is a massive, complicated bureaucracy, but there’s just no need for FIVE HOUR meetings, particularly when the current board has no actual power.


You can watch (or skim) the whole thing yourself here.