Add Dale Pekar’s name to those considering a run for Position 9 on the Little Rock City Board. The at-large seat is held by Gene Fortson, who isn’t seeking re-election.

Pekar is a retired economist who’s been active in city politics, including as a plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the I-30 expansion project through downtown.


Antwan Phillips, a lawyer, and Leron McAdoo, a teacher, earlier announced intentions to seek the seat.

Pekar distributed a statement about why he’s running.


He opposes Little Rock taxpayers subsidizing services to suburbs (cheap fire service in Cammack Village and 911 services for Maumelle for no charge). He’d like to replace police as first responders to social welfare concerns such as drug and alcohol problems and misbehaving children. He wants an alternative to the I-30 project. He says the city needs a college/vocational school scholarship program like the El Dorado Promise to provide an incentive to graduate from city schools. He also said residents need to be able to count on zoning to protect neighborhoods from adverse actions.