Remember the story about Jeff Pippenger of Bonnerdale, Ark., a religious group leader who placed an ad in The Tennessean newspaper in Nasvhille that predicted Muslims would nuke Nashville July 18? It set off a controversy; an apology from the newspaper, and firing of an ad manager.


I heard yesterday from Sadat Anwar of Toronto, who has a YouTube channel, That Canadian Brother, on which he interviewed Pippenger for more than an hour.

He wrote:


I’m a Muslim who interviewed Jeff Pippenger on my channel and, although I found his ad in The Tennessean to be irresponsible and in poor taste, I did not find him to be a hateful bigot or racist kind of guy.  You might be surprised by the interview… or not!

It’s Saturday. Pippenger has not responded to outreach from most reporters. So here you go.