The State Police this afternoon disclosed that a man shot by a state trooper Saturday night near a service station at Roosevelt Road and Interstate 30 had died.

A release with new details:


Aloysius Keaton, 58, of Little Rock died last night at a Little Rock hospital.  An Arkansas State Trooper shot Keaton yesterday (Saturday, June 27th), about 7:08 PM, after Keaton stabbed an Arkansas Department of Transportation, Highway Police Officer.  Keaton was wanted in connection with the carjacking of a taxicab on 7620 Baseline Road only minutes prior to being approached by a state trooper and the highway police officer near Roosevelt & I-30 in south Little Rock.

Keaton had abandoned the taxicab after losing control of the vehicle while exiting I-30 onto Roosevelt Road and crashed into another vehicle.

Area law enforcement agencies and officers on patrol had been alerted in a message from Little Rock Police about the carjacking.  A state trooper had spotted the stolen taxicab and approached Keaton who fled on foot a short distance where he encountered the highway police officer who attempted to arrest Keaton.

Keaton used a weapon to stab the highway police officer as the state trooper approached the scene.  Keaton, still brandishing the weapon, moved toward the state trooper who fired an electronic control device (TASER) in an attempt to stop Keaton.  The ECD was ineffective, leading the trooper to order Keaton to stop and drop the weapon.  Keaton failed to comply with the order and charged toward the trooper leading the trooper to shoot Keaton with a handgun.

Emergency medical personnel transported both the Highway Police Officer and Keaton from the scene.  The officer had sustained non-life threatening injuries and was treated, then released.  Keaton died at the hospital.

Keaton’s body has been transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory where an autopsy will be conducted.

The Arkansas State Trooper remains on paid administrative leave and will be identified once he has had the opportunity to meet with family and seek initial spiritual or professional guidance.

Questions relating to the identity of the Highway Police Officer should be directed to the Arkansas Department of Transportation, Office of Highway Police.

The release doesn’t identify the weapon Keaton used. One account on social media last night said it was a small screw driver.

Online court records for Keaton show he’d been in court for traffic offenses three times in 2019.


UPDATE: Questions have arisen  A release Sunday:

Last night, Rev. Aloysius Keaton, Sr., 58, of Little Rock was shot multiple times, and instantly killed, during a police-citizen encounter involving the Arkansas State Police, while several others citizen were eyewitnesses.  This was done in the midst of a worldwide focus on the United States to examine, and re-examine, the disproportionate uses of excessive, and deadly, force by the law enforcement industry against citizens in the Black community.
Tonight, Sunday night, June 28th, at 8:30 P.M. CST, the family of Rev. Aloysius Keaton, Sr., will join members of LR Carbon at the site of the police killing, at Exxon I-30 Superstore, located at 612 East Roosevelt Road, in Little Rock, Arkansas, to officially, and publicly, release the store surveillance video.  They will also demand that U.S. Attorney Cody Hiland, and the Little Rock FBI Office’s Civil Rights Section, immediately open a federal criminal deprivation of civil rights under color of law investigation, as the Arkansas State Police cannot be trusted to investigate itself in this matter.
The family has concluded, after watching the store surveillance tape, and the several Facebook Live videos of multiple eyewitnesses, that this use of deadly force shows that the law enforcement officer that killed Rev. Aloysius Keaton, Sr., did not have the legal justification to do so, pursuant to AR Code § 5-2-610(b) (2018) (Use of physical force by law enforcement officers).



What we wrote earlier follows:

Word has begun filtering in of a police shooting in Little Rock near a service station on Roosevelt Road.  Details scant.

UPDATE: State Police issued this statement late Saturday:

The Arkansas State Police is investigating an officer involved shooting incident, that left an officer of the Arkansas Highway Police and a suspect wounded.  A state trooper, pursuant to Arkansas State Police policy and procedure, is on paid administrative leave while the investigation is underway.
  The shooting incident occurred about 7 PM tonight near Interstate 30 and Roosevelt Road.  The Arkansas Department of Transportation Highway Police Officer was stabbed as he approached the suspect.  The injuries in the stabbing of the Highway Police Officer are not believed to be life threating.
  An Arkansas State Trooper shot the suspect as the suspect approached the trooper with a weapon.  The state trooper was not injured.
The suspect was transported from the scene to a local hospital.  The condition of the suspect is unknown.
Some comments emerged on Twitter.
FURTHER UPDATE: A Facebook page called the Arkansas Police Accountability Project has posted what appears to be surveillance video from the Exxon station of the event posted on YouTube by BadGovinArk.
The events began about 7 p.m. Saturday with the report of a Yellow Cab stolen from its driver at a convenience store at 7501 Jamison in Southwest Little Rock.
The summary of that report:
Further update from State Police:

Sergeant Marcus Daniels, a 13 year veteran of the Arkansas State Police, is identified as the Arkansas State Trooper who shot Aloysius Keaton Saturday evening, only seconds after Keaton stabbed an Arkansas Highway Police Officer while fleeing from police.

The shooting incident occurred outside a gas and convenience store at Roosevelt Road and the I-30 westbound access ramp.


 Keaton was wanted in connection with an aggravated robbery (carjacking) that had occurred minutes earlier in southwest Little Rock.

  After Keaton stabbed the highway police officer, still brandishing the weapon, he moved toward Sergeant Daniels who fired an electronic control device (TASER) in an attempt to stop Keaton.  The ECD was ineffective, leading Sergeant Daniels to order Keaton to stop and drop the weapon.  Keaton failed to comply with the order and charged toward the trooper leading Sergeant Daniels to shoot Keaton with a handgun.

  Keaton was pronounced dead at a Little Rock hospital.

  Sergeant Daniels, a Highway Patrol Division, Troop A post supervisor, remains on paid administrative leave while an investigation into the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer continues.  The investigative case file will be reviewed by the Pulaski County prosecuting attorney who will decide whether the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer was consistent with Arkansas law.