BARRY HYDE: Show you’re hospitable by wearing a mask.

Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde, citing the continuing growth of coronavirus cases in Arkansas, has extended his earlier orders closing county buildings, including the courthouse, to the general public through Oct. 4. Stick around for what he has to say about masks.


County employees are to continue working remotely to the extent possible.

County buildings will be closed except for personnel conducting business or provided access by the courts, which do most of their business remotely, with occasional exceptions.


Social distancing is mandatory. No congregations of people are allowed inside county buildings unless necessary to conduct essential functions and no congregations of 10 or more are allowed outside on county property.

All people entering county buildings must wear masks and employees may remove them only when alone, in an assigned office, behind a closed door.


Hyde’s order also said:

“Pulaski Countians pride ourselves on extraordinary hospitality and we find a sense of purpose in caring for our neighbors. Wearing a mask has become  and is now an essential element to being hospitable, caring for your neighbor, and protecting the health, safety and well-being of others. The public is urged, admonished and exhorted in the strongest possible terms to wear a mask when outside your home or in the presence of persons that are not a member of their household.”

Spoken like someone with common sense. He’s a Democrat, in other words.