A couple known to the Arkansas Times just called to say: If you want to get a COVID-19 test from UAMS, get a full tank of gas, water, a cord for your cell phone and be patient.

UPDATE: UAMS is not testing all comers, Vice Chancellor Leslie Taylor says. Only those who are over 60 16 and are scheduled to have surgery and those with symptoms and known exposure. Those who are asymptomatic, not scheduled to have surgery and with no known exposure will not qualify. UAMS is trying to cap tests in the drive-through (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-noon weekends and holidays) at 400 on weekdays and 200 on weekends.


There are so many folks in line at the drive-through at the medical center that the couple has been in line in their car for two hours. The surge in cases in Pulaski County, which had 763 active cases as of yesterday, and the rest of Arkansas is apparently getting folks’ attention.

There are other testing sites in Pulaski County, including the County Health Unit, but people who already have been patients at UAMS may want to go there. Be prepared. It may get worse when the Fourth of July cases start to stream in.