UA Little Rock has made a round of changes in return-to-work plans for the fall semester, another indication of the complexities all are dealing with in coping with school in the time of coronavirus.

In a  letter to the campus, Chancellor Christian Drale noted a number of changes in making decisions on who needs to be on-campus and when. An advisory task force had recommended continuing all remote instruction, but the campus (and other UA campuses) are committed to some form of on-site instruction.


Drale said options include temporary work-at-home assignment, though she cautions “this will not necessarily be the default remedy for all who seek this accommodation.”

Her note concludes:


I know that these changes will not satisfy all. Many are concerned about any level of reopening for fall and in the current context, that concern is understandable. However, I will reiterate that until further notice, we must proceed with the assumption that we will open the campus for fall semester. I hope that you will find that the new guidelines give us more flexibility to do this in the safest manner possible.

Here’s the revised return-to-campus guide.

Notable revisions include requirements for face covering (required for all where distancing can’t be maintained, but always in classrooms); COVID-19 screening questions; employee categories; alternative work arrangements; campus visitors; international students, and return phases.


Aug. 17 is the target for the return of students to campus.