Former U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor issued this statement today about his father, the former governor and senator, and his mother:

David and Barbara Pryor received positive COVID-19 test results on Friday night, and they went to UAMS mid-day Saturday.  UAMS advised Barbara Pryor to return home to self-quarantine since she is asymptomatic.  UAMS admitted David Pryor given his age of 85 and the fact that he is a stroke and heart attack survivor.  The entire Pryor family is very grateful for the attention and care given by UAMS.  Our mother is home and remains asymptomatic while our father is responding well in the hospital.  We are hopeful that both will have a full recovery and we look forward to them testing negative soon.  Both are in the required isolation and they want to encourage everyone to wear masks, wash hands and follow the other CDC guidelines, so we can stop the spread of this deadly virus.  We respectfully ask that you honor our family’s request for much needed privacy and refrain from any calls at this time.  We will issue another statement in the upcoming days in the event that either’s status changes, but in the interim, we humbly ask for your prayers.”