UA Little Rock Chancellor Christina Drale told faculty today that Phase 2 of campus reopening would be pushed back another week.

Her announcement also mentions that the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees earlier today approved, as expected, a mask requirement for all UA campuses:


Dear Campus Community,

The next phase of campus reopening (2A) will be delayed one week to July 27, 2020. The remaining phase dates will stay the same.

Although we have most of our PPE orders in, the order for the plexiglass desk shields is now on backorder. Our Facilities department is working on an alternative solution for this equipment, namely in-house construction of the shields in sufficient quantity for the next phase of reopening. These “home-made” shields will be a little clunkier than those we’ve ordered, but will get the job done. I want to thank our Facilities team for their ingenuity and willingness to carry out this alternative solution.

In addition, The Board of Trustees met today and passed a resolution requiring all UA campuses to adopt a policy that, “at minimum, requires the use of cloth face coverings by  students, faculty, staff, and guests in university facilities where physical distancing of six-feet or more cannot be assured in accordance with guidance from state and federal health officials.” This policy sets a minimum standard and allows individual campuses to implement stricter requirements as appropriate.

We will update the reopening plan to reflect this resolution, but effective immediately UA Little Rock will require that all employees, students, and visitors wear a face covering on campus in all indoor settings with limited exceptions (e.g. when eating). Face coverings will be required in outdoor settings where social distancing cannot be maintained, also with limited exceptions.


Christina S. Drale


A faculty member notes that Little Rock is going farther than UA Board mandate, which the board specifically allows (unlike Asa and cities)

The UA Little Rock requirement for face coverings goes beyond the board of trustees requirement.

The Board of Trustees requires face coverings in university facilities when physical distancing cannot be done. However, UA Little Rock is requiring face coverings while indoors, with a small number of exceptions, e.g., while eating. It also requires face coverings outdoors when physical distancing cannot be done.
Thus, in a classroom or open office, even if everyone is sitting six feet apart, face coverings are required. And outdoors, if people are closer than six feet to each other, face coverings are required. Both of these requirements go beyond what the BoT required.
Another reason to appreciate UA Little Rock.