Celeste Williams, the Democrat challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Steve Womack in the 3rd District, brags that she outraised Womack in the second quarter of this year.

Womack is viewed as solidly entrenched and has $1.3 million on hand, which dwarfs Williams’ cash on hand by roughly 50-fold. But you take good news where you can get it.


Williams’ release:

Celeste Williams, Democratic candidate running to unseat Rep. Steve Womack in Arkansas’s Third Congressional District, raised $76,176.55 in the last three months, more than double the $32,260 reported by her Republican opponent.

More than $72,000 (94%) of Williams’ money was donated by 3,568 individual contributors and $0 came from corporate Political Action Committees (PACs). In contrast, Rep. Womack raised $32,260 this quarter, with 68% coming from corporate and special interest PACs. Just 4% of Womack’s contributors gave $200 or less compared with 57% of donors to the Williams campaign.

“I’ve invested my time listening to voters across the District, and this outpouring of support is evidence that they feel heard and have confidence that we’re going to win,” said Williams. “When I’m elected, I’ll fight for every Arkansan, not just those who can afford Steve Womack’s ear.” Williams continued, “As a nurse practitioner, I’ll legislate on the side of science and common sense solutions. If this pandemic has proved nothing else, it’s that we need representatives in Washington who understand public health. Quite simply, voters trust a nurse.”

Donors to Celeste are people from all walks of life – nurses, teachers, business owners, grocery clerks, stay-at-home-parents, bookkeepers, bakers, and clergy members, to name a few. The average donation to Williams this quarter was $16.72.