School officials still approach with trepidation the opening of school ordered the week of Aug. 24 by Governor Hutchinson.

Two comments today from school officials whose identities I’ll protect:


With a link to a Georgia article about a growing outbreak of COVID-19 from youth summer camps, one superintendent asked:

If summer camps are exploding with new cases…

How do we propose to defend the logic of opening schools..?

And a comment from another school leader on news that the Fayetteville School District will have only two days of in-class instruction for its mandated in-person school and then three days online.


Our school district was told that we could not consider alternate days – that we had to go back full time. Now Fayetteville is going alternate days. I continue to be incredibly frustrated by the inconsistent changing rules from the department of education. Actually, changing rules I understand under the circumstances, but clear and transparent communication should go along with that.

Clear communication from the Hutchinson administration? An administration that preaches mask-wearing daily but refuses to allow cities and counties to pass meaningful mask ordinances?

Just remember that the governor’s daily briefings are spin sessions, sometimes stripped of useful context. Yesterday in Conway, for example, the governor said 75 percent of Conway parents are ready to return to school, based on a district survey. I was told that the survey won’t be completed until tomorrow and only about 55 percent of parents have responded so far. Is it possible that those who’ve yet to reply might be sitting on the fence?