Trumpers are outraged by Governor Hutchinson’s mask mandate.

Some vow to take the law into their own hands — including at least two people charged with enforcing the law and probably more.

They include Randolph County Sheriff Kevin Bell (who told NEA Report his office has other things to do). Also Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer who also says he has too much to do.


UPDATE: Add the Texarkana Police Department to putative law agencies that think they can pick and choosen which laws to enforce.


And then there’s the ultra-right wing of the legislature (a growing cadre). They include constitutional scholars like Rep. Mary Bentley (always ready to meddle in the private lives of the poor, women and sexual minorities and to threaten funding of universities that promote diversity). The founding fathers wouldn’t stand for this, she declaims. If people were to “moon” this group would they be constitutionally protected? It says nothing about government’s ability to require covered buttocks.

(Give Bentley credit. Unlike whiny baby Sen. Jason Rapert, she allows criticism on her Facebook page, at least so far this morning. And quite a bit of it, at that.)

Note: Bentley, who represents a county, Yell, with the second-highest COVID-19 rate per capita, is pretty well powerless to fight this executive order unless the legislature is in session. They won’t meet against until January unless the governor asks them to meet. A lawsuit? She’ll need standing. Maybe she could get a sheriff to give her a ticket for not wearing a mask. But wait: The sheriffs have better things to do.