This post on the Friends of LRSD Facebook page hits a home run.

The public — in this case a group seeking to regain local control of the Little Rock School District — was not allowed to enter the state Education Department building because of COVID-19 rules. It is the same at the State Capitol. Same at Governor’s Mansion. Same when the state Board of Education or affiliate panels meet by teleconference.


But a state agency that finds it too dangerous to meet the public has decreed that 450,000 children and tens of thousands of school staff members must reopen school next month, preferably in a regular classroom setting.

This same bureaucracy, as recently as last week, was PREVENTING the Little Rock School District from requiring face coverings because that was then the governor’s operative preference. He changed direction yesterday.


It probably was an early indicator of the coming change when the man in charge of the Little Rock School District, Education Secretary Johnny Key, allowed a mask mandate in Little Rock. Previously, he’d left that decision to parents, with a literal exclamation point in the rules.