Sen. Jason Rapert announced yesterday that he’d tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized at an undisclosed place for treatment of pneumonia and the virus.

I wish the virus (or pneumonia) on no one. I’m sorry some have used the opportunity to speak ill of Rapert, whose politics they detest. I won’t.


But it is fair to note history.

The Friendly Atheist, who writes on Patheos, notes Rapert spoke two weeks ago at a Branson church where the crowd appeared to be mostly maskless. The item linked to Rapert’s Facebook page  where Rapert said this last week when the governor issued a (largely toothless) mask mandate:

As it relates to the mandate to wear masks in Arkansas from Gov. Asa Hutchinson issued today, which includes a warning followed by a potential fine of $100 to $500 for failure to wear a mask, I oppose this in principle as an overreach of executive power without consultation with the members of the Arkansas legislature.

The Friendly Atheist also recalled a Rapert Facebook post on the virus several months ago:


People do learn and grow. Rapert said in his statement yesterday:

We have all been doing our best to wear a mask, social distance and be careful like everyone else. This virus is serious and can attack anyone regardless of age or general health.

Get well soon.