Donald Trump floats another idea beyond his power — though with William Barr as attorney general and his supporters on the U.S. Supreme Court you never know. Delay the November election.

He fears universal mail voting, though says mail absentee voting, which he uses and is functionally the same thing, is OK.


When will the nightmare be over? If not January 2021, the country is well and truly screwed.

Could we get a resoundingly negative response from the Arkansas Republicans in Congress? I won’t hold my breath. Update: my skepticism was misplaced. They say they favor the election proceeding on schedule. With the usual GOP suppression tactics an unspoken understanding.


Sen. Joyce Elliott, the Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, has an opinion:

The Constitution does not allow an American President to unilaterally postpone an election. Ignorant of this, today President Trump suggested delaying the election.

State Senator and Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional district Joyce Elliott stated, “We’re a democracy. The Constitution, not the president, determines when the election is. The president should focus on American families and communities hurting from the pandemic and economic crisis.”

This statement follows Arkansas’s record one-day spike in coronavirus cases. Today, it was released that the American economy shrunk by a record 33% in the second quarter of 2020.