Sen. Jason Rapert is apparently home in Conway after release for treatment of COVID-19. He marked his return with a Facebook session, more than an hour of fiddle tunes and preaching. Enjoy.

He’s busy on social media, a couple of Twitter accounts and Facebook. One Facebook post urges people to arm up to protect their families. Another renews his call to strip Bill Clinton’s name from the Little Rock airport. Another says Black Lives Matter is a “lie from the pit of hell.”

The ‘rona didn’t rob Rapert of his rhetoric. In his Facebook session, which was more talking than fiddling, he complained about being denied treatment now approved (a seeming reference to hydroxychloroquine); said he believed Democrats were somehow responsible for the death rate in the U.S., and objected to people who’d sent him ill wishes during his illness. He called for firing an employee of the local public library for her message. “I’m done setting by and letting them get by with it.” He defended Conway police who participated in the death of a suspected shoplifter and objected to suspension of officers during an administrative review. “That man was high on drugs and died as a result of his own actions.” He said the governor should arrest anyone who even threatens to take down a Confederate monument on the Capitol grounds.


What’s it say in the Bible? If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. But the third lick is yours. And if someone threatens to slap your cheek, a preventive lick might be in order.