Superintendent Mike Poore (file photo) Brian Chilson

The Little Rock School District has set a deadline of Aug. 7 for families to indicate whether their students will enroll in virtual learning or on-site learning. Those that don’t respond by Aug. 7 will be enrolled in in-person learning. The district expects families to commit to either option for at least one quarter (or nine-weeks) unless there are “extenuating circumstances,” Pamela Smith, communications director, said. A committee will review requests, she said.

As of yesterday, the parents of 15,000 of the roughly 24,000-student district had responded. Fifty-three percent have elected for virtual instruction. Full breakdown below.


In the LRSD’s COVID FAQ, there’s this item:

Will the classroom teacher be providing on-site and virtual instruction simultaneously? No, those in the classroom will provide instruction in the classroom while others will provide instruction fully virtually.  Virtual instruction will be a combination of live sessions with the assigned teacher, pre-recorded videos from the classroom teacher or other resources chosen by the teacher, and activities the student will engage in on their own.  Younger students may require assistance in completing their work, especially early in the year as they get comfortable.(Updated 6-29)

But yesterday Superintendent Mike Poore said that “many teachers will be teaching both in person and virtual students.” To what degree “will depend on the building and how many teachers they have vs. the number of students who are opting for virtual instruction,” he said by email.

Count of Choice Choice
Grade In-Person Virtual (blank) Grand Total
01 635 672 1307
02 661 657 1318
03 627 618 1245
04 562 684 1246
05 555 739 1294
06 472 653 1125
07 449 652 1101
08 452 591 1043
09 518 553 1071
10 466 554 1020
11 448 595 1043
12 535 414 949
KF 509 440 949
PK 345 250 595
Grand Total 7234 8072 15306
47.3% 52.7%