This post by City Director Kathy Webb is going viral on Facebook.


I’ve spoken briefly with the original source of the report and hope to talk to the victim. “She is skittish right now,” her friend said.

The bare details, according to the friend to whom she first reported this: She was returning home from the Kroger in the Heights, carrying a birthday cake and “dealing with her bike” when young men in their 20s accosted her from a car about wearing a mask. The talk turned political and “went downhill fast.” She said she supported Joe Biden. She said she was hit in the face. This was about a block west of Kroger.


The police have been notified and a report was filed. The search is on for any area surveillance cameras.

Trumpers have already appeared on Facebook to doubt the report and chastise the victim for having the mask pulled below her nose when the photo was taken.


I hope there are cameras available. I’ve now had four people well-known to me vouch for the victim. She’s made a police report, which, if false, would put her in jeopardy. And yet there are people here and elsewhere who assert they know the story is false. The tribal mindset is crazy. And dangerous.

KTHV has details from police report.

PS: According to two people who’ve spoken directly with the woman, the assault occurred about a block west of the Kroger on R Street, in front of the strip shopping center, not on the Kroger parking lot, despite what some news accounts have said. Also, despite what Trumpers and at least one media report might say, the Kathy Webb post has NOT been deleted from her Facebook page.