The Washington Post digs into the effort to put Kanye West on state presidential ballots. It seems to be a Republican plot to siphon votes (Black voters the thinking goes) away from Joe Biden, particularly in the key swing state of Wisconsin.

But Arkansas?


As has been reported elsewhere:

In Arkansas, West’s petition was signed by Gregg Keller, a longtime Republican operative who is the former executive director of the American Conservative Union.

Sam Nunberg, a former Trump adviser, said he brought Keller to meet with Trump twice beginning in late 2014, hoping Keller would become campaign manager. The Post reviewed a memo prepared by Nunberg and given to Trump that laid out Keller’s qualifications for the manager job.

“Trump liked him,” Nunberg said.

Keller did not respond to requests for comment.

West’s petitions haven’t passed review by the Arkansas secretary of state yet. A cursory review by Blue Hog Report found some problems. So the issue might prove moot.


But, still, Arkansas?

Trump’s numbers have deteriorated here, as everywhere, but he still has an edge. My hope is that the Republicans behind this effort know something bad for them and good for civilization about Arkansas.