I’ve written before about the negative reaction among band and choral teachers about the state guidelines for continuing these activities safely during the pandemic.

The distancing and safeguards will make the activities difficult, at best.

Now comes the association or choral directors with a request that the rules be eased so they more easily pursue their passion.

Funny. I’ve viewed the state as trying too hard to have normal school by opening the door to spit-spewing activities, even with the safeguards.


Terri Whitworth of Hot Springs, the director of the Arkansas Choral Directors Association, says, however, that a Performing Arts Aerosol Study released by the National Federation of High Schools gives safe but less restrictive parameters that would allow choral programs to operate better.

She also said something that kind of cuts both ways to me:


Arkansas schools are allowed to have football players nose to nose playing ball, but choir students are required to be outdoors, spaced at 12′ intervals in masks. Volleyball players are allowed to practice inside with no masks.

Maybe the problem isn’t strict rules for chorus but the governor’s headstrong insistence on playing football (and volleyball as an afterthought to the real deal).

The choral directors’ letter: